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About Us


Protect Your Data. Stay Compliant. Sleep At Night.

You’re a small- or medium-sized business, or a startup ready to take on the world. You’re staying lean or trying to do more with less—hiring a dedicated security team is just not a possibility. But that doesn’t matter to the myriad types of threats waiting for you in cyberspace—they’re coming for you just the same. And it doesn’t matter to the regulatory bodies overseeing your industry: you have to find a way to be compliant with security regulations.

We’re here to help

Mission Cyber Group is made up of a talented team of cyber experts with experience across industries and in the public sector. We’re passionate about cyber security (we were nerds before nerds were cool), and we know frameworks and protocols, threat patterns and warning signs like the back of our hand—so you don’t have to. We provide clients across industries—manufacturing, retail, legal, higher ed, software, utilities, real estate, local governments, and more—practical assistance and strategic advice in policy and procedure development, regulatory affairs, and asset sourcing from conception to successful project completion. In layman’s terms: we know what your company needs to be secure, and we can help you get there. Our retainer-based advisory services allow us to focus the whole of our strategic and intellectual assets—our decades of experience—on you and your specific needs. We’re flexible in our approach because your situation is different than everyone else’s. And we’re in it for the long haul, to be your security go-to as you grow. We know the threats and how to protect against them so you don’t have to miss a night’s sleep or have your primary business objectives take a backseat, ever.