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Technical Testing

There’s no such thing as a risk-free enterprise. If you have data, it’s at risk. If you handle customer data (which can be from something as simple as taking online orders), that risk is large. Mission Cyber Group can help you not only determine your level of risk based on your technology and processes, but also stress-test the usual vulnerabilities bad actors will seek to use to gain access to your data. Don’t be the last person to find out about a security flaw in your organization.

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Penetration testing

Penetration testing simulates a real cyberattack so we can identify vulnerabilities in your security portfolio. We find the weak points so we can fix them before someone else discovers and exploits them. We can test your security against industrial systems such as OT and SCADA to make sure processes are able to function not just efficiently, but securely.

Social engineering

Social engineering exercises will help your staff learn what cyberattacks to watch out for, what to do if they see one beginning, and how not to fall prey to an attack that relies on them for access to your data, like phishing attempts.

Other Technical Testing services provided:

  • Web Application Testing
  • Wireless Security Testing
  • Simulated Adversarial Attacks
    • Both Red and Purple teaming exercises

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